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Hearts With Soul is for and by the extraordinary every day people. A “HOME” where YOU can share YOUR, ideas, lifestyles, thoughts and talents. We believe through giving of ourselves, sharing with others we will help promote an understanding, harmony, and a sense of self worth for all people.

Bring your desires hopes and dreams to "Hearts With Soul" You will be heard, loved and accepted. Do you dare to dream? Please send us your dreams, We'll give you a safe place to share. Together we can bring the world into unity and love as we believe God intends for His people to live.

Our vision is "grandiose" Through Love and understanding we believe it is attainable.

Please visit our new site, Our Legacy where you can leave your legacy for generations to come


*Responsibilities as loving human beings

*The belief that there is love and goodness in all people

*It is through understanding that people will enjoy the luxury of peace

*Through tolerance people will come to learn acceptance and through acceptance people will learn Love

*Helping people to understand their own self worth

*Everything we give of ourselves through Love comes back in multitude

*Through trust people become trustworthy

*We believe through faith your dreams are realized

*Through kind words and soft smiles hearts are filled with joy

*Through forgiveness happiness is found

*Giving of ourselves is when we find true Love.

*Believing that Love conquers all. It is through understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, and charity that there will be a sense of love and joy in the hearts and souls of mankind.


Teri Wilber
Editor of Hearts With Soul

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