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Military PenPals

Dear Friends and Family,

I have listed below 29 of the sailors that are serving aboard the USS Cushing. Some of these guys do not have anyone writing them. I wanted to give you their names to ask that you could just take a minute of your time to write to them. It would really mean the world to them. They can get so terribly lonely at sea for 5 months.

Some easy things to mail to them would include funny comic strips, Reader's Digest magazines, crossword puzzle books, etc.

Thank you for your time and efforts and feel free to pass this along to any other friends who might like to help support these young men serving our country.
God bless you.

Karen Ashe

mailing address:
Outboard Division
USS Cushing (DD 985)
FPO AP 96662-1223

Justin Anderson Joshua Feenstra
Raymond Bufford Doug Gibons
Levi Ernst Robert Hodak
Rodney Garvey Nick Karp
Nate Henson Chris Nine
Wayne Hosmer Jeff Smith
Paul Larnauti Steve Berkley
Justin Powell Jeff Lineaman
James West Scott Brown
Marty Reife Jason Davis
Blake Berry Robert Fox
Scott Clark Nick Goddard
Josh Horsley David Kleiman
Andy Stubblefield Able Munoz

My nephew, Chuck said that if anyone wanted to mail articles, etc., just to him, that he would share with everyone. If you wanted to mail a large envelope with several articles, mail to:
C. W. Ashe
Outboard Division
USS Cushing (DD 985)
FPO AP 96662-1223


Norma Sanabria reccomends U.S. Navy's Official Web Site
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