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A new concept in Advertising:

In today's world there are many products that are virtually the same...at the same cost...What is it that sets them apart from one another? What makes a person connect? Is it the product or is it who makes the product what it is?

Hearts With Soul offers companies/organizations to bring more then a face to the world. We offer an opportunity to share the "heart" of your organization. People are gravitating to the Internet as a tool for learning and researching products so that when they go to spend their money, they know what the are purchasing and who they are purchasing from.

Hearts With Soul offers a company to show what they are made of, simply, "The Company Heart"....

The forum gives an employee opportunity to reflect and focus on all the company has given to them. It should bring a sense of positive morale, a feeling of pulling together as a unit. Experience has taught me that positive thinking and actions bring about a creativitness and productivity in others.

The cost?
Our beliefs are that a products value can only be determined from the person making the purchase. There are many variables that each individual will use in determining the value they place on this form of advertisement. We believe each organization should decide what its value will be for them

As an act of human compassion we are of the contention that by helping new companies to grow the more established companies will assist them by contributing a higher amount for advertising.

Hearts With Soul Offers
*BiMonthly NewsLetter to over 1000 readers and growing daily
*Readers aging form Preteen to Seniors
*Readers from all over the world, including France, England, Canada, Netherlands and India
*An opportunity for all to contribute to the promotion of Love and Understanding


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