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I was looking at the new picture I have of Tink and Poo. It is said a picture tells a thousand words. You know I am kind of proud of those two. They are special in my heart. After all not ever dog is a great writer of stories, and here I have two. Well lets be honest about it. No one believes that they write the stories. But they give me the ideas for the stories. I do watch them. I draw the stories from the actions of these two.

Now any one that ever had a dog or dogs. If they are real dog lovers will tell you they see a grin, a laugh, or at times a sad look on a dogs face. And some looks in between. Some times a look of deep thought about something.

I look at this picture. I see an all most laugh out of Tinker. He is all most saying hey look here, buy my book. Poo is a more well yes buy my book, I would be happy if you did, but lets face it you may not, so I give you my some what happy face. Maybe I should call it my oh hum face. The art work the lady did, makes it look like Tink may be getting ready to sign your copy of the book.

Yes I believe a dog face changes with what ever is going on in the dogs world. They know sickness, they know pain. They know joy, they also know when things is good, and bad. The face shows it just like your face shows it. They know when they meet some one, if that person is a dog lover, they know a dog hater too. They can tell right off if that person can be trusted. The face will show it. Also the tail tells the story.

I look at this picture and I think I see a lot of things in the face of these two. Others may not. That is their problem. I see two that has gave me more joy then you will ever know. I have heard the bark of "hey, time for us to go out." The bark of "hey get us in, it is hot or cold out here." Depends on the weather you know. "Hey we are happy to see you." .. "Hey we going some where.".. "Hey how come we not going with you." I think I hear a different "hey" each time. All depends on what is going on. And don't foget the "Hay isn't it about time to eat".. And Yes .. "Hey we got food."

Now I have had, and heard people say what good is a dog. Also certain kinds of dogs. Well dogs has been known to do lots of things for people. Depends on the dog I guess. Some dogs work. Take a sheep dog, they can work. How about a guard dog, yes they work. How about a dog that cares for a blind person, you bet. OK you say my mutts is what is called a lap dog, worthless. Don't you dare tell me that. These may be small, don't let the size fool you. I know when a strange car or person comes on the place. I don't need a door bell. I can forget to lock the doors at night. The next morning I find that out. Well I had Tink and Poo here. I would have known if someone opened the door, long before the door opened. So guess I would have had time to get the canon out. And I think they would have held the intruder long enough. Maybe he or she would find out about the fact, the small guys come with teeth also. So don't tell me they are worthless.

They are worth a lot to me. I get a grin out of them. And more love then those that never had a dog will ever know. Yep I believe this picture may well tell a thousand words, and maybe more.


Teri Wilber
Editor of Hearts With Soul

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